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 "Characters" and "Guild" in profile options.

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PostSubject: "Characters" and "Guild" in profile options.   Sat Jun 22, 2013 10:24 am

About the "Characters" and "Guild/clan" form in profile (necessary fields):

--The "Characters" in profile options is a necessary field to fill (and with right information).

Its there of 3 reasons:

1: Easier to know who you are, if your username differs much from your ingamename.

2: Easier for groupmoderators to put you in right group.

3: Easier for all forumusers to contact you in game.

-- The "Guild/Clan" is to help when anyone from another guild is joining our forum.

If those fields isnt correctly filled, it can happen that the forumaccount end up deleted.
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"Characters" and "Guild" in profile options.
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