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 The rules as followed..

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The rules as followed.. Empty
PostSubject: The rules as followed..   The rules as followed.. I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 16, 2013 10:26 pm

- Respect all guild members
- Organise parties and help newbies

- No hacks or bug abusing 

- Don't spam/use caps too often and never scam anywhere

- Don't act stuck up

- English in guild chat

-No intrusion allowed between guild members(If you intrude one of us, just leave)
-Offline limit: Newcomer- 10 days/ Commoner- 30 days/ Faithful- 30 days/Administrator- 30 days/ Officer- 30 days.(60 days if you'll tell us that you might be off)

**You must be at least 25 level if you want to join us**

Your guild leader - Prosexion.

P.S. * If you have more chars, please log in/play with them too, otherwise- kick.
** Going on vacation? Tell us in-game or better here(On the special topic called "Offline Report").
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The rules as followed..
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